Game Design Series – Start to Program from Scratch (10)

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Have you ever wondered how games like Angry Birds or Minecraft got created? It all starts with a language called computer-programming language. Sounds boring and hard? No, I will teach you to Start to Program from Scratch and to create your own favorite game art, animation and much more. It’s full of fun, interactive ,creative, collaboration and rewarding in the competition. Here is our agenda;

  • What is Scratch – What is Sprite, blocks, and the process of creating simple programs.
  • Make Sprite Dance – Motion, Look and introduces Scratch’s drawing capabilities.
  • Animate and Noise – Scratch’s sound and graphics commands.
  • Do this Sprite ! – Introduces Control and Logic
  • Move Above and Beyond – Explores variable and customized block.
  • Imagine You Can Do This – Put it all together in a game

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Available for 4th+ grade for both weekday evening online and weekends ( Saturday and Sunday )