Hour of Code Week- Starting Now!

Minecraft Hour of Code Tutorials Many languages | Modern browsers and tablets | Grades 2+ Just follow the link below

We Want Your Vote!

This contentious election year has caused great divides in this country. Never before have two presidential candidates been so dishonest and divisive. Yet it is because of this reason that this election is only a precedent for 2020: and our choices should be made on such. In the more likely […]


If you have old laptops sitting around collecting the dusk and want to get rid of them. We have a great solution for you. We are collecting old laptops and turning them into a running  Ubuntu desktop. Only not we can use them for our FREE Kids2Kids club workshop but also let our kids  learn how to turn a window desktop into a fun Ubuntu one.  We will teach our kids how to do when we have enough laptop collected. If  this all sounds interesting to you, Just stop by and drop off you old laptop at June Flowers at  10450 Medlock Bridge Rd #111, Johns Creek, GA 30097 or call us at  678-923-2719.

The laptop donation is a tax-free donation through Kids2Kids.images

Join the the Competition at GA Tech Fair 2016

Every year Ga Technology Fair will have a collection of  tech related competitions, Game design is one of them. It’s highly recommended for your kids to join the competition and show case their creatives and imaginations via Game Design. The requirement for the game design can found be HERE. Normally […]

What is PBL? Why we use here@IT4Kids

PBL stands for Projected Based Learning, a method we find that is very effective for our students to be motivated. For example in Raspberry Pi class, we use Raspberry as both learning and execution platform, and ask our students to define a problem, come up the best solution and deliver/present […]