As you may know all the internet website are powered these three technologies; HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, it is very important for you to know how the technologies work.If you join our weekly, summer class, you will able to create a website, apply the style, make an interaction, even create two fun game with it. No prior HTML5 knowledge is required. Click here to register!

Learn JavaScripts, Create Game Agenda ( M-F 4:30 pm -6:30 pm)

  • Explore HTML5/CSS ( Day 1)

    - Learn the HTML5 tags, contruction of web page and CSS position and style coding.
  • Crack JavaScripts ( Day 2)

    - JavaScript declareation, syntax, varibles and function more.
  • Make your First Game ( Day 3)

    - Create a number quessing game and learn interaction and basic game design concepts
  • Work with Array Map and Iteration ( Day 4 )

    - Explore Array,Maps, Iteration of JavaScripts advance
  • Advance your Adventure ( Day 5 )

    - Move up a level to create an adventure game to excise more.

Things you need

  • Computer Window or Mac

  • Zoom Access

  • Chrome browser

  • Brackets software at

Who can attend

  • 6 grade up can attend or you think you can handle intenstive coding

  • Focus and ready for some challenge

Have you ever been wondering how to start to career in engineering and science? If so, how would you get it start your learning? No worry, we have put together a very exciting package and this a series of tutorial to help you to jump start. As you may know, the only you can learn to become an engineer is by doing it yourself. The guide is designing to provide you a foundation electronic and programming knowledge and experience through these series of 37 hands-on labs online and at home. Are you ready! Click here to register!

Build Arduino Workshop Agenda ( M-F 4:30 pm -6:30 pm)

  • Setup Workshop ( Day 1)

    - Arduino IDE installation, circuits sketch and Arduino kits review
  • Try our first Blink Labs( Day 2)

    - Excise your first Blink with Arduino and make a LED blink
  • Make LED Flow ( Day 3)

    - Put a set of LED together to control light flow
  • Play a Music ( Day 4 )

    - Use a buzz component to control the sound
  • Display on LCD ( Day 5 )

    - Put your name on the LCD screen

Things you need

Who can attend

  • 7 grade up can attend or you think you can handle intenstive coding and are good with hands-on

  • Focus and ready for some challenge